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SEO Case Studies

Thinking about SEO for your business within your industry? 

Download these case studies for your review. 

Let the results speak for themselves. To rank our clients, even in the extremely competitive cities that they reside we fully optimized their targeted website pages with new meta descriptions, h-tags, and alt-image tags. 

This helps establish a foundation to which search engines can build upon in indexing this information about the business. Simultaneously, we also create/optimize new business listings and directories, and invested in link building to improve local authority. 

Whether your SEO monthly budget starts you out at a minimal amount of hours per month, our expectation setting is always with the long-term play in mind. As we work hard with our clients, we've helped them earn a place and also places with strategic keywords we're targeting on the first page of Google and have maintained those rankings for our clients month over month.

The result is organic traffic growing toward their website in the first year of service of working with us. Even with a small budget, consistently investing in SEO can help your online presence when the search landscape constantly shifts.

Industry: Plumbing — Installation and Repair Location: Springfield, IL Campaign Start Date: 02/03/2020 SEO Hours per Month: 10 Campaign Type: Local Goal: Generate new, prospective leads in local and surrounding areas. 

Industry: Law — Workers’ Compensation Location: New York City, NY
Campaign Type: Local
Campaign Start Date: 06/02/2019 SEO Hours per Month: 10 Goal: Rank locally in multiple New York boroughs to bring in more customers  

Industry: HVAC Location: Greenville, SC Campaign Type: Local Campaign Start Date: 5/15/2018 SEO Hours per Month: 50 Goal: Build authority for both operating business locations  

Industry: Construction — Roofing Contractors Campaign Type: Local Location: Deerfield Beach, FL Campaign Start Date: January 27, 2020 SEO Hours per Month: 40 Goal: Build authority and rank in the five surrounding cities  

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